Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Messenger

The following, explanation of what Our Related Yahoo Group .... "is" and what benefits and features are available by becoming a Yahoo member, and joining our Citadel Class of '67 Yahoo Group  - is  posted on our Class Web Site to better inform, and encourage. classmates to become a Yahoo Member, join our class of '67 Yahoo Group, and hopefully, also download and install the Yahoo Messenger Service.  I have used Various "Chat" services over the past 10+ years (MIRC, ICQ,  and Yahoo) with no adverse effects (knock wood) and have found them to be very usefull and excellent "tools" to stay in touch, in "real time" with people all over the world.  
For the past 6+ years I've used Yahoo and Yahoo Groups almost exclusively.

The general group membership does not see the emails to the "Group Owner" with the comments contained in their request to join.
Group Membership IS moderated.  Approval to join is LIMITED only to members of The Citadel's Class of '67 and their family members (upon supplying sufficient information to the Group Owner or Moderator that they are, in fact, family members of one of our classmates).

However, once an individual is a group member - they have full access to the following Group features:
First, the right to set up your own delivery schedule for group messages posted, or generated from postings, to Group Features other than "messages"... i.e. to receive messages as individual emails,  as a "daily digest",  receive only "Special Notices" (posted by the Group Owner or Moderators), or to receive no email & but read and access what has been posted online)
Group Members have posting privileges and full access to the following Group Features:
MESSAGES - post to a growing archive of past messages and have full searchable access to this archive
FILES - post and share virtually any file "type" that you're capable of producing e.g. MS Word Documents, PDF Documents, Power Point Presentations, video clips/movies in various formats, etc
PHOTOS - post and share photos.  Set up your own "Folders" to contain your photos or add photos to an appropriate existing "folder" (provided the "folder creator/folder owner" has set it up as one that Group Members may add photo's in)
LINKS - post and share Links which may be usefull or of interest to our classmates
DATABASE - create and share "simple" databases
POLLS - Create and share Polls with our classmates ... the poll creator can leave the poll as an "open poll" or put an end date on the poll ... they also control how and when results of the poll may be seen by the members i.e. as a "live" poll once a members has participated in that poll or when the poll closes... and wether the poll results are available in a summary form only or complete with the "names/yahoo id's" of the participants.
MEMBERS - view a full list of group members along with "clickable links" to their yahoo profile and their "yahoo sign up/preferred" email address
                   (I've frequently found that  Group Members frequently leave "nothing" but their Yahoo ID in their Yahoo "profile" which kind of defeats the purpose
                    here.  But you CAN set you profile to NOT be searchable, include your identifying information, and it will ONLY be available within the Group
                    Membership's MEMBERS listing.)

CALENDAR - view a fully featured planning calendar with the right to post events or tasks and control the delivery timing of reminder notices of upcoming calendar events or tasks.... views available in the following forms - by day, by week, by month, by year, by event, or by task.
Group Members so far - 04/09/07
   Rick Langdon (Owner/Webmaster) - Feb 14th
   Jay Keenan - Feb 15th
   Skip Atkinson - Feb 24th
   Don Beers - Mar 1st
   Tim McMahon (OJ's son) - Mar 4th
   Bert Patrick - Mar 14th  
This is a fully featured "Chat Application" with text chat, video chat, and conferencing capability.  You can use it to make PC to PC individual or conference calls worldwide - free and even make PC to Telephone calls (to land or mobile lines) or send SMS text messages to mobile devices at low worldwide rates.
With messenger, you control your own "contact list" and the grouping of your contacts.  For example, from our groups members list you might want to request from a member (or all of our MEMBER classmates) thier permission for you to add them to your own personal "contact list".  From your own contact list you could then send messages to them and, depending on their own online status setting, see at a glance if they were currently online.  If they are on line the message is delivered "instantly", if not - it's held and delivered the next time that member signs on to the Messenger service.