The Class of 1967 Memorial Scholarship Fund
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The Citadel Foundation

Contribution Instructions

As listed in The Citadel's SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS GUIDE, 2006 - 2007  (A PDF file)


The Class of 1967 Memorial Scholarship is provided annually from an endowment held by The Citadel Foundation.  This scholarship is restricted in order of priority to a son of a deceased member of the class of 1967, son of a member of the Class of 1967, son of a 1967 alumnus, or any qualified applicant

This Fund was established at our 15th Reunion in 1982 and has been a significant focal point at each "5 year" reunion since.  The Fund was started at the suggestion and early direction of our Classmates Jay Keenan and David Walters.  They, along with the rest of the members of our Reunion Committee, all signers of this agreement setting up our Memorial Scholarship Fund,  have continued to lead the Class's fund raising - and reunion efforts for the past 25 years and are to be commended for their dedication to The Citadel, to our Class of '67, and to the futures of cadets following in our footsteps.

1982 Agreement setting up our Scholarship Fund (A PDF file)

According to Jay in a recent email and follow-up conversation - "... When The Class of ' 67 Memorial Scholarship was set up, it was set up with the (then) Citadel  Development Foundation and set up as an "Individual Named Scholarship Fund"  restricting it's use to Scholarship Grants-in-Aid and further providing some "defined benefit"  priority restrictions to provide Grants to sons of deceased 1967 classmates, sons of living classmates,  sons of other Citadel Alumni, or to other deserving cadets.  Some considerable "arm twisting" went into convincing Col Nicholson to set up the fund in this manner as a Defined Benefit Restricted Scholarship Fund.  He also had reservations that our class, as a young class at the time, could meet the initial fund raising goal.of $10,000 necessary to Endow the Fund.  However, thanks to the early generosity of our classmates at, and during, this 15th reunion year "we" were successful.  All accounting and reporting was handled by the CDF (which has now morphed to become The Citadel Foundation).  Grant awards are administered entirely by the scholarship committee at the college, we have no say-so at all. David and I set it up this way so that the selection of recipients is impartial. Cadets apply for ours or any scholarship and the financial aid committee lines up the cadet with the available money. We have 6 or 7 young men (actually 9) that are the present recipients..."

Because all record keeping, accounting, and award responsibilities rested with the CDF (now The Citadel Foundation) most of the early details of our funds growh and Grant recipiants is not iimmediately available and will have to be requested for research and retrieval from archived records from the The Citadel or The Citadel Foundation's staff.  What is presented here represents the type and kind of data we are seeking to consolidate for presentation to, and the education of, ALL of our classmates about OUR SCHOLARSHIP FUND, the aid that it has provided over the years since it's inception, and the continuing benefit it can provide to the educationa and development of future Citadel Men.

This was a part of  Jay's reply to our Classmate Dwight Groggel's inquiry concerning scholarship application and grant procedures in place for our Class of 1967 Memorial Scholarship Fund seeking aid for a deserving current (2007) 4th Classman.  Dwight learned of this cadets financial bind from his (and our) K Company Classmate Mike Mercer.      

Dwight, What a heart warming story. It touches me that our class has started and is continuing with a vehicle to help kids like xxxxx and so many others. Remarkably, many scholarship dollars go unclaimed because no one asks for them.
Gifts to the fund in each of the major reunion years since 1982 are as follows:
Reunion Year
# of Contributors
Total Gifts this Reunion (year))
1982 - 15th
>> ?? <<
1987 - 20th
1992 - 25th
1997 - 30th
2002 - 35th
2007 - 40th

Interium Reporting
GOAL - 347 / "100%"
Status Report thru May - 20 / 6.0%
Status Report thru Jun - 26 / 7.5%
Status Report thru Jul - 33 / 9.5%
Status Report thru Aug - 54 / 15.6%
Status Report thru Sep - 76 / 21.9%
Status Report thru Oct 22nd - 106 / 30.5%
----->>  Status Report thru Nov 9th - 140 / 40.3%   <<-----
Status Report thru Nov - 143 / 41.2%
Final for 2007 - 147 / 42.4%
GOAL - $100,000
$9,006 - 9.0%
$10,257 - 10.2%
$17,693 - 17.7%
$39,528 - 39.5%
$49,742 - 49.7%
$82,905 - 82.9%
$107,646 - 107.6%
$120,497 - 120.5%
$138,611.47 - 138.6%
2007 - 40th
Actual = $110,691
2012 - 45th
GOAL - tbd
GOAL - tbd
2017 - 50th
GOAL - tbd
GOAL - tbd

Fund growth due to allocated earnings from investments and investment capital gains have been strong (as reflected in the 2005 and '06 Annual Report to Donors).  
Also, according to our Classmate Mike Steele in another recent email,  "27 of our classmates have contributed in excess of $10,000 each to our Scholarship Fund (thru The Citadel Foundation) since 2002".   

The end of year summary for the Class Memorial Scholarship is complete. 147 of 347 Classmates contributed (42%) $138,611.47 to our Memorial Scholarship…139% of our Goal. A wonderful effort by the Class.  We are well on our way in our journey to establish a Memorial Scholarship corpus of $1,000,000. Thanks to each of you for making our Reunion Year contributions a significant portion of that journey.

Steve Tobias 67’, Mike Company, led and just concluded a Capital fund raising campaign for The Citadel which raised $107M. Another campaign is being planned. Our Class was recognized with the highest award presented by The Citadel Foundation (TCF). The TCF Directors Award is explained below. Thanks again for your significant effort and achievement.

The Class of 67’ received The Citadel Foundation’s (TCF) highest award in 2007. The Director’s Award was presented to Jay Keenan our Class Chairman. The award is presented annually by TCF to the Class Chairman with a combination of the greatest number of contributors, greatest class percentage of participation, greatest number of Dean’s List (> $2.5K) contributors and greatest total dollar class contribution.

The main challenge continues to be obtaining necessary operating funds. The State of SC only provides 18% of the $$$ required to run The College ($16M of required $85M). The remainder of the operating funds is provided by Alumni and donors. Only 27% of Alumni contribute to The Citadel.

2007 / 2008 Volunteers Conference - Power Point Presentation

Summary annual Reports were requested from the The Citadel Foundation, what has been furnished thus far is "fund balance at year ending dates".
If  furnished, they will be posted here in the Scholarship Section of our Class of '67 web site.  Thanks go out to TCF's Angie Ping and Darlene L. Zimmerman for their research assistance in providing financial and schlorarship recipient data from the archives.  

 The Summary Annual Report to Donors for 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 is available,  and has been posted.

_At the end of 2006, our fund had a Market Value of $683,991

_At the end of 2007, our fund had a Market Value of $817,922

_At the end of 2008, our fund had a Market Value of $631,531

>>> Cumulative - Year End Fund Statement - 1982 to date <<<

>>> Detailed Reports by Year - Summary Annual Report, and Scholarship Recipient List <<<

>>> Scholarship recipiants for our FUND have been furnished, and have been posted <<<

Class of 1967 HONOR ROLL of Donors to The Citadel (for 2005)

Thanks to the internet, we are now able to provide an "easy" path for donor gifts to our Scholarship Fund.  Mike Steel has arranged for us to use The Citadel Foundation's (TCF) online contribution system.  By complying with the following instructions, and using the included LINK we have been assured that your gift will be credited to The Class of 1967 Memorial Fund's contribution goal.  In addition , contributions received thru 31 Decenber 2007 will be credited to the ongoing, and very ambitious $100 million dollar fund raising drive, "The Campaign for The Citadel", co-chaired by our own Steve Tobias, .

Access TCF's contribution web page (This is a secure Web Page) ...

Fill in (at least) the blocks for Name, Address, Phone, and email ... check (or uncheck) the check-off blocks ... click continue

Fill in the amount of your contribution

Designate our Class of 1967 Memorial Scholarship Fund using the pull down menu, highlight/select "other"

Complete your Credit Card information ... Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Cards are accepted

In the comments section after the credit card information, type in "Class '67 Scholarship Fund"

Click verification

 The TCF software will provide accounting for Class contributions.  Using their credit card contribution system keeps us from handling check payments,
accounting, etc.  Making your contribution early, will allow us to concentrate on Reunion Activities next Fall rather than fund raising activities.

Our Goal for contributions this year (2007) is 100% classmate participation and $100,000 in class contributions.

If you chose to make your contribution by check still, make it payable to  The Citadel Foundation
(remember to include
"Class of 67 Memorial Scholarship Fund" on your check) and mail it to --

The Citadel Foundation
171 Moultrie St.
Charleston, SC  29409

We will get monthly updates from TCF which will be posted here "fyi".  Guys, "we" can do this!

Looking to the future, we can grow our Scholarship fund to a million dollars+ fund by or before our 50th reunion in 2017.

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