Class of 1967

Fred A Kercher
"Freddy K"
Political Science
Conneaut, OH



What's been happening since leaving "El Cid"?

On September 4, 2007 Carol Kercher wrote (for Fred):

  NAME: Fred A Kercher , deceased  

Nickname for nametag: Freddy K

Wife/Date/Significant Other's Nametag: Carol Kercher

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Present Occupation:  Company, Your Title, Brief Job Duties: deceased 2/7/05
Fred  worked as a science teacher in high school briefly, then began at Foseco as laboratory staff.  Worked his way up to plant manager and left after 20 years to do sales for Elkem Metals.  Worked the entire east coast of the US. 

Why haven't you retired yet?  

When do you plan to retire?


Wives & children (use multiple lines if necessary:
1.  Carol--since 1992

2.  Daughter Gretchen
3.  Stepsons Dan  & Kevin

Olivia--4 years--his angel

Great Grands? (Hey, we've only been out 40 years;-) :  

Any Children or Grands at (or graduated from)  ElCid?  Who?

Distance traveled to reunion:  

Number of places lived since graduation:  stayed in Conneaut Ohio

Number of Class reunions attended (counting this one):  0

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Carol Kercher wrote:
> Rick-
> Thank you very much for letting me participate in this.  If I were able
> to attend, would I be allowed to attend the ceremony?  The Citadel was
> always a major part of Fred's heart, and he wore his ring until the day
> he died.  If you can tolerate a story, I have a pretty good one:
> When he passed away, I gave his ring to his daughter, Gretchen, because
> she had no other parent left except for me, her stepmother.  A couple of
> years went by, and as I missed Fred and longed for some kind of contact
> with him, I began to think about his ring and how much it meant to him.
> I didn't want it, because I wanted Gretchen to have it.  Two weeks
> later, I received a call from a woman who had found a woman's ring in
> the floorboard of her house.  Inside, it said "Mrs. Annabelle Kercher".
> She returned it to me.  This was the ring that Fred had bought for his
> mother, given to her in the 60's, and it had been lost for 40+ years.
> It fits me like it was made for me, so I now proudly wear a Citadel
> ring, as a gift from Fred.
> I remember your name from stories Fred told about his days in Carolina,
> and I was very happy to hear from you.  I will look through photos from
> those days, because I may have one of you and Fred.
> Carol