Class of 1967

Michael J Henderson
Political Science
Washington, DC



Mikes Family - Mike, Dedre, Jackie, & Matt

On October 11, 2007 Mike wrote:

Rick, thanks for all the help you have given.

I am not as computer literate as I should be and am quite frankly working like hell right now. 

I have attached something that might go under 6 and 120..I wrote it several years ago at the suggestion of John Warley.

 (see the  posting under the MEMORIES Link on the Home Page)
It is one NOT to be missed - Rick

Personal Information

Primary Residence

5640 South Hillside Street

Greenwood Village, Colorado  80111


Home phone 303-721-9888

Mike Henderson

Married to Dedre for 30 years

Son Matt 24

Daughter Jackie 20

Places lived since graduation - 10

Distance to reunion 1500

Number of reunions attended 3

More significantly played in Alumni soccer game against the Varsity team when I was 45 and we still have a mens team.

 Current Job: Partner with Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts and Goldman Sachs in Capmark Securities, an international commercial real estate company..

The previous 25 years was as a partner in an investment banking firm, Newman and Associates, which financed affordable housing with tax exempt bonds throughout the country..


Why I haven’t retired. I enjoy what I am doing, this is another mountain to climb, my tuition bills are still staggering, and my wife makes it very clear it is better to have me out of the house by NLT 8 am to keep the marriage in tact.

 Hobbbies are: golf, tennis, flyfishing, shooting and photography.