Class of 1967

Adamm E Gritlefeld
Political Science
Centerport, NY



On november 14, 2007 Duke wrote:

NAME: Adamm Gritlefeld

Nickname for nametag: Duke

Wife/Date/Significant Other's Nametag: Patty Gritlefeld

eMail Address:

Web Site Address  (If you have one):

Mailing Address: 12000 Linda Flora Dr 
                              Ojai, CA 93023

Phone Number(s):310 451 9390 bus /  310 795 7007 cel / 805 649 4904 home

Present Occupation:  Company, Your Title, Brief Job Duties:  Adamm's Stained Glass & Gallery/owner

Why haven't you retired yet?  I love what I do.  Plus my daughter is still in high school.  That means college , and Post graduate to go.

When do you plan to retire?  Maybe ten years, partially.


Wives & children (use multiple lines if necessary:
1.  Patty current, for the past 22 years.
2.  Dan 31
3.  Lexi 17

Grands:Maybe in 5-10 years

Great Grands? (Hey, we've only been out 40 years;-) :

Any Children or Grands at (or graduated from)  ElCid?  Who?

Distance traveled to reunion:

Number of places lived since graduation:  10

Number of Class reunions attended (counting this one):  1 unfortunately

What prompted you to attend this year?
MAY WE PUBLISH THIS INFORMATION?  - particularily including address and contact information on our Class Web Site -

              Sure thing publish it all:  _x_


Sorry for the delay in responding.  I finally had some time to get other things done.  I don't remember if I told you, but I was the chairman of my daughter's school's (Villanova Prep) golf tournament.  It was lots of fun , but also lots of work.  Especially the last two or three weeks, and the week following. It was a huge success.  We nearly doubled the proceeds from last year, and everyone had a blast.

I'm really sorry I had to miss the reunion.  You have been doing a fabulous job.  My hat(if I wore one) is off to you.

Thought I'd fill you in a little on what I have been doing.  Patty and I have been together for 27 years . Married for 22.  My son Dan (from my first wife, Jan) is 31.  He lives in Burbank and is doing great.  A big relief.  He had always been a great kid.  Really smart and hard worker, but finally hit his stride.  He's enjoying life and very successful at his job. Lexie is a senior in high school.  A real achiever.  WE have yet to see where she goes to college.  I have mentioned The Cid a number of times , but she'll have none of it.  She wants to go to law school after undergraduate.

My wife Patty stays at home (has had bad back for a long tome now).  We use to be really active travel, sports etc. now we taker a major trip every 2-3 years.  Europe, Asia, Mexico, etc.  She is great and has a tremendous outlook.  She has done a fantastic job raising Lexie and beng a second mom to Dan.  She volunteers at the schools and charities in Ojai.  Ojai is about 75 miles north of Santa Monica.  Really beautiful.  We have mountains surrounding the valley.  We get some snow in the mountains in winter which makes it quite majestic.

 I still stay in shape.  I have a high bar  at home, and work out with friends two to three nights a week.  Play a little golf, Tennis, climbed Mt Whitney last summer.  Next year Mt. Rainer. Ski a lot, hoping this will be a good year for snow.

The business is a lot of fun.  I've made so many good friends from it. I've done work for lots of celebrities .  Worked on lots of historic projects.  It's been very rewarding. I have been active in Santa Monica and LA life.  Pres of the Lions Club, Pres of the Merchants Assoc, Director - Bayside District Board here in Santa Monica (part of the City of Santa Monica).

 Of it all , besides my family, I enjoy traveling more than anything, meeting people.  I picked that up in the Navy.  After active duty (VP-65 flying p-3's, San Francisco, Cubi Pt, Cam Rahn Bay, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, you name it), I stayed in the reserve for another 20 years, and continued to travel all over.  My crew still keeps in touch and we see each other 2-3 times a year.

That pretty much covers my life since El Cid.  Except for my first marriage, which really was pretty good except for the last couple of years, but no complaints.

Anxiously waiting to see the pictures from the reunion.  Hope to see you some day again.

Thanks again for all you are doing.