Class of 1967

Lanny L Farmer
Business Administration
Charleston, SC



What's been happening since leaving "El Cid"?

On May 29,2007 Lanny wrote:

NAME: Lanny Farmer

Nickname for nametag:  Lanny  

Wife/Date/Significant Other's Nametag:  Mary

eMail Address:

Web Site Address  (If you have one):

Mailing Address: 3467 Tanglebrook Trail, Clemmons, NC 27012
               Summer: 2137 Lark, Surfside Beach, SC 29575

Phone Number(s):   336-766-1329               336-813-1845 (Cell)

Present Occupation:  Company, Your Title, Brief Job Duties:  Retired:  Currently real estate investments and investment management

Retired Pharmaceutical Sales:  Currently teach business courses in Ukraine and do medical relief work in Jordan 

International Travel:  Vietnam, Mexico, Jamaica, Great Britain, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Jordan, Israel, Spain
  (Wife: Iraq, Italy, Monaco)

Why haven't you retired yet?  I thought I did in 2004!  Just work for free, now!

When do you plan to retire?  When God calls me home, I guess!  Who knows what He'll have me do there!


Wives & children (use multiple lines if necessary:
1.  Mary Brown Farmer, 1967 (Love of my Live)
2.  Dana Farmer Logan, daughter
3.  Brandi Farmer Koontz, daughter

Grands:  Kelsey Logan, 13:  Katelyn Logan, 10:  Madison Koontz, 6:  Brennan Koontz, 4

Great Grands? (Hey, we've only been out 40 years;-) :  

Any Children or Grands at (or graduated from)  ElCid?  Not yet!  All have provisional Appointments!

Distance traveled to reunion:  200 miles

Number of places lived since graduation:  Charlotte, NC:  Winston-Salem, NC:  Knoxville, TN: Clemmons, NC

Number of Class reunions attended (counting this one):  Couple, I think

What prompted you to attend this year?

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