Class of 1967

Daniel J. Farley
Business Administration
Buffalo, NY



Dan at Reunion40 Check-in

On September 18, 2007 Dan (Cathey) wrote (through Joe Sullivan):
Hi Joe
Hopefully, we will get our check in the mail this week for the reunion.  For some reason , I am having difficulty updating Dan's info sheet, so here goes . . .
Dan "Smokey the Bear" Farley

started his career with AT&T in 1970 and lived in Middletown, NJ 
then  Columbia, SC, working with Nassau Recycling
then Branchburg, NJ back with AT&T
then Winston Salem, NC where he retired with Lucent Technologies 2001

currently living in Little River, SC

currently employed as "bag boy" and "grass cutter" for a local golf course and loves it!
most importantly it allows him free golf whenever, which was his soul intent upon retirement

still married, Cathey (who by the way deserves a "gold medal"), and celebrated 39 years or marital bliss this year

4 children:

Major Gregory M Farley currently serving in Afghanistan ('91 grad)
Katherine Farley Galvagni
Dan Farley ( '99 grad)
and Brendan Farley

5 grandchildren
last year Dan was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Canisus High School in Buffalo and again this year as a member of the team with the "perfect season"
if you were to ask us we would say, "Life is good!"
Looking forward to seeing you and Donna in November!