Class of 1967

Raymond H Bloomer, Jr.
Fort Pierce, FL



What's been happening since leaving "El Cid"?

On  November 4, 2008 Ray wrote:

NAME: Raymond H. Bloomer, Jr.

Nickname for nametag: Ray

Wife/Date/Significant Other's Nametag: Andrea

eMail Address:

Web Site Address  (If you have one):

Mailing Address: 112 Stonehenge Dr, Bristol, TN 37620

Phone Number(s): 423-990-6999

Present Occupation:  Company, Your Title, Brief Job Duties: Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, King College.  Teach all physics and astronomy courses, and assist with the administration of the School of Arts and Sciences.

Why haven't you retired yet?  I did once from the Air Force after 21 years. I may do it again, but I’m having too much fun and would miss teaching.

When do you plan to retire? When my mind or body gives out.


Wives & children (use multiple lines if necessary:
1.  Daughter: Rebecca
2.  Daughter: Robin
3.  Wife Andrea

Grands: 3.5. 

Great Grands? (Hey, we've only been out 40 years;-) :  Maybe some day.

Any Children or Grands at (or graduated from)  ElCid?  Who?

Distance traveled to reunion: 

Number of places lived since graduation:  Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, Colorado, Tennessee.

Number of Class reunions attended (counting this one):