Class of 1967

William P Berthelotte
Electrical Engineering
San Diego, CA



Bill & Yvette at Reunion40 Check-in
On October 27, 2007 Bill wrote:

NAME: William Berthelotte

Nickname for nametag: Bill

Wife/Date/Significant Other's Nametag: Yvette

eMail Address:

Web Site Address  (If you have one):

Mailing Address: 29 1/2 Raymond St.
                           Nashua NH 03064-1952

Phone Number(s): (603) 883-0353

Present Occupation:  Company, Your Title, Brief Job Duties:  Senior Engineering Consultant, Engility Corporation Burlington Masachusettes.  Currently, lead engineer on the Joint STARS E-8C weapon system simulators installed at Robins, AFB, GA, for the 116th ACW.

Why haven't you retired yet?  First I need to have one year where I earn more than my wife spends.

When do you plan to retire?   Probably never since a re shift in spending has been observed.


Wives & children (use multiple lines if necessary:
1.  Yvette - married June 1969
2.  Marie Psychologist; 2 children; (Freedom Rose and Logan Adam) 
3.  Paul, Cmdr USN
4.  Scott - Sgt CA Highway Patrol (Michael, Matthew, Cole)
5.  Joe - Major USA (boy Feb 08)
6.  Brian Capt  USA,(Lucas)
7.  Mark - Lt USAF. (William)
8.  Brad - Ens USN (need to marry him off)
Grands: 7.5

Great Grands? (Hey, we've only been out 40 years;-) :  

Any Children or Grands at (or graduated from)  ElCid?  Who?

Distance traveled to reunion:  900 miles

Number of places lived since graduation:  California 15 years - New Hampsire - 25 years

Number of Class reunions attended (counting this one):  3

What prompted you to attend this year? Desire to old, older friends.

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