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Fall 1963 - Spring 1967 (and beyond)
Class Roster Index - the "Gateway" to 640 individual pages - one for each of our classmates

This Roster Index also includes a link to a page listing our 2 "Stray" & 79 "Lost" DOGS,
a link to a page listing those who have provided an update for their page and, in several cases, some "current photos"
and three "Interesting" Tabular Summary's related to the Class of 1967

In Memory of Our Fallen Classmates

The Class of 1967 Memorial Scholarship Fund

40th Reunion Information
....... Reunion Dates:  October 31 - November 3, 2007 ......

Who Registered & Who Came to Reunion40 - 2007

Class of '67 Group Photo by Jane Faircloth
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Keeping Us Together & Connected
2012 - Our 45th Reunion is not "that" far away  - 2012

Our Class Web Page - Hosted by The Citadel Foundation with Quarterly News Letter updates from Mike Steele

    Since our 40th Reunion in 2007, our classmate Mike Steele ran for and was elected to an Alumni Member position on The Citadel's Board of Visitors.  As such, he is now in a unique position to keep us all up to date on current happenings at our school.  In addition, he has taken the lead in coordinating and consolidating the contact database maintenance of the various Citadel Supporting Organizations (The Citadel Foundation, The Brigadier Foundation, and The Citadel Alumni Association) and having created - an area within The Citadel Foundation's Web Site for the hosting of Class Web Pages with side bar links to various other hosting features.
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 of life as a Cadet

Also Include stories and memories of how your life as a cadet has effected the rest of your life.
(We need YOUR input here - send 'em and I'll post 'em)

The Star Spangled Banner / Our National Anthem
- As you've probably never heard it -
GREAT .WMA (Windows Media Audio) FILE
1.7Mb / 11 Min 38 Seconds Playing Time
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- NOTE -
Since including this Audio file, I've been notified of an error in it.  Fort McHenry is misidintified as Fort Henry
This  in no way deminishes the "power" of the piece (IMHO) - but is noted here as an unintentional, I'm sure, error
For additional information about this version of our Flag - please refer to the Flags of the World website.
and the following entry at wicipedia


OUR Related Yahoo Group
Note:  This is a "secure site".  You must first sign up and establish a user ID and Password with Yahoo prior to accessing our Class Yahoo Group.  Membership within that Group is further restricted upon requesting to join - to our 1967 classmates only.
A fully featured "message board" for interactive email discussion (w/ archive), photo sharing, links, polls, etc.
If you join our Yahoo Group, I highly recomend that you also download and install the Yahoo Messenger/Chat Application as well.
Yahoo Messenger is available HERE
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OUR Related Web Site (Hosted By The Citadel Foundation)
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Continued and future contact is dependent on YOU our fellow classmates maintaining your individual contact information via this (TCF) website's contact data file(s).  Periodic / Quaterly class update newsletters are published thru, and maintained within this sites Document Library feature.

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The Web master Rick Langdon

Web site Production Notes ("Mostly" for myself & visiting Web master's)

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The Citadel
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Significant dates for 07-08

The Citadel WEB CAM - Overlooking the Parade Ground from Padgett-Thomas Barracks (24/7)

     (Just another challenge to beat in "Covert Ops" - enroute to paint ..."De Plane")

The Citadel Alumni Association - Home page

The Citadel Foundation - Home Page

"CHALLENGED TO LEAD, CALLED TO SERVE" - The Campaign for The Citadel
   If you have a broad band connection, be SURE to view the "Kick off Gala" Video !
       I know that brought a major lump to my throat, and a major inspiration.
           Steve Tobias - Thank you for your leadership and generosity.

Distinguished and Notable Citadel Alumni

Pat Conroy's eulogy to The Boo - Lt. Col. Thomas Nugent Courvoisie